Cateriona (cateriona) wrote in illumiknitti,

Looking for some info

OK Now I'm here I've got some questions..
1. I've been trying to recreate an Icelandic hat for a number of years. It is similar to a tam w/ a wider cuff. It's a circular tube with a final decrease for the top, but after years of trying to do the flare by changing needles sizes, I beginning to think that it was more likely originally formed by blocking. If anyone knows of this technique would like some help.
2. Need to have size/age to inches conversion for hats. My niece is starting to outgrow my patterns and I have nothing between toddler and adult for sizing.
3. Does anyone know of a good source for Navajo rug yarn (it makes the best gloves and mittens) short of going to a trading post on the Reservation?
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From my experience with tams, the flare that creates the bulge is usually done with evenly-spaced stitch increases, it creates a much more dramatic flare than blocking or needle size changes, and also creates a nice symmetry in the hat balanced against the decreases to bring the top in.

Hope that helps!
In trying to recreate the Icelandic hat I did create a tam pattern using evenly spaced increases and decreases, but it does not hold up to freezing winds. But thinking about it, most likely the effect was done by shinking the wool rather than blocking. Usually when shinking down to fit a bit of felting happens aiding in wind resistance. I've done this with some of the gloves that I have made using Navajo rug yarn,