Princess Jezabelle (princessjezabel) wrote in illumiknitti,
Princess Jezabelle

gauging problems

Ok. I need some help or a suggestion from fellow knitters or something. I recently started swatching before my projects (I swatched for the cardigan I haven't finished putting together and I swatched for the dishrags I'm currently making for my mom).

My problem is, now that I swatch, I have to go down two full needle sizes to obtain gauge. What exactly am I doing wrong here?

Does this mean I'm destined to never make anything from a pattern requiring smaller than a #2 US needle? Is there a way to stop needing such a smaller needle than the pattern (and most of the time the yarn manufacturer) recommends?

Please someone tell me what I can do to stop the weirdness of my gauge.

**On a side note, because I saw it mentioned here before, I bought the Loop-d-Loop knitting book with my last gift card at work. It is awesome. It's very much more an inspiration book for me than a pattern book, but I like looking at the creative things a knitter can do with string and two sticks. I very much recommend this book, if for no other reason than to have it sitting on your bookshelf to look at for ideas.
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