Princess Jezabelle (princessjezabel) wrote in illumiknitti,
Princess Jezabelle


Ok, so not much to update about the shrug. I completed the back and am now working the front left and right panels simultaneously. My sister's waiting to see what mine looks like before she decides if she wants me to make her one as well. I am modifying the pattern a bit, though. I decided I like the kitchener stitch so much (ever since I taught myself and saw how nice a seam it creates) that I didn't bind off the shoulder stitches. I am also toying with shaping the sleeves a bit since they are just straight rectangles according to the pattern. We'll see.

In the mean time, I got two of those roll brim crochet hats made out of one ball of Lionbrand Suede, plus I had enough left over to make some crocheted flowers for Abby's hat, which was nice.

I may have my first paid knitting gig coming up soon. I got a voicemail the other day from my best friend from college. She wants me to knit dishrags and potholders for her mom in specific colors (I assume to match the new kitchen, or whatever). She said she'd pay for all yarn plus about $5/item. I know, I know, depending on knitting speed, that's less that minimum wage, but still, I'm gonna get paid to do something I ENJOY!!!
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