Kito (robotic_brain) wrote in illumiknitti,

more potter.

I just made 7 Harry Potter scarves for our store's Midnight Magic Party (ms. princessjezabel, are you still working at your Borders? If so, you know what hell those are). one each of all the house color combos, then three more of Gryffindor. I'm making more on my trusty knitting machine to sell...I've got about 4 orders for them now. Mine aren't quite as long, though. They came out about 77" long and 5 1/2 wide, not counting fringe. the original 7 are hand knit in the round for extra warmth (2 layers = cozy) and because I liked the more professional look of stockinette...I just used cheapo red heart yarn and they came out fabulous.

here's my brother modeling one of the finished products:

I'm now also working on a pair of cute knit mary jane slippers. They're knit completely in one piece, so no annoying assembly required. I've had to restart them like 4 times, though, because I keep losing track of what row I'm on, and I need to remember because there's a lot of exacting sort of stuff in the pattern (the heel requires a bunch of wrapping & turning). Grrrr. I will triumph!
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